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Separating C++ project properties between VS 2010 and VS 2013

Since Visual Studio 2010, common C++ project properties (e.g. external VC++ Directories like Include Directories and Library Directories) are defined in property sheet files and managed with the Visual Studio Property Manager. See Sharing project properties in Visual C++ by … Continue reading

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Show all mnemonics in Visual Studio .rc dialog designer for native C++ code

“Normally, keyboard users move the input focus from one control to another in a dialog box with the TAB and ARROW keys. However, you can define an access key (a mnemonic or easy-to-remember name) that allows users to choose a … Continue reading

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C++ Rename refactoring for Visual Studio 2013

Visual C++ Refactoring extension by Microsoft Visual C++ team lets you rename symbols in C++ code, automatically changing the declaration and all references: You select a symbol in code, invoke Refactor – Rename, enter a new name, preview and select … Continue reading

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Format C++ code intelligently in Visual Studio with clang-format

Two month ago in GoingNative 2013 Chandler Carruth demonstrated a new tool clang-format to automatically format C++ code. The whole talk is excellent, but if you just interested in formatting watch between 24 and 32 minutes. For Visual Studio users … Continue reading

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Visual Lint static C++ code analysis adapter for Visual Studio

Visual Lint by Riverblade integrates most popular static C++ code analysis tools with Visual Studio. It supports Gimpel PC-lint, CppCheck, Google cpplint.py and Inspirel Vera++. Visual Lint lets you run these tools from Visual Studio with a single click for … Continue reading

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PVS-Studio C++ static code analyzer tool for Visual Studio review

PVS-Studio by “Program Verification Systems” finds errors in your C++ code statically analyzing files in a Visual Studio solution. Static analysis tools are a long term investment of time and money in code quality. They can find certain kinds of … Continue reading

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Shark Compiler Control for Visual Studio review

Shark Compiler Control by Sören Kewenig speeds up C++ compilation in Visual Studio 2010, 2008 and 2005 using multiple processor cores. It works similar to the /MP switch, but with less restrictions and more convenient control. Visual Studio has built-in … Continue reading

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