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Changing Visual Studio 2017 private registry settings

Visual Studio traditionally includes several settings that can be set only in registry (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\[version] key). For example, Find result format, UseSolutionNavigatorGraphProvider or EnableVSIPLogging. Visual Studio 2017 continues to support these settings, but now uses the RegLoadAppKey function to store registry … Continue reading

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New code navigation shortcuts in Visual Studio 2017

The new Go to All window in Visual Studio 2017 lets you navigate directly to any file or symbol by typing a search query: You can open this window using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+, or Ctrl+T assigned by default to the … Continue reading

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Tabs Studio v4.3.0 adds super groups

Tabs Studio is a Visual Studio and SSMS extension empowering you to work comfortably with any number of open documents. v4.3.0 adds the ability to visually separate super tab groups created by PriorityGroup, MvcGroup and Sorter add-ins. See the following … Continue reading

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