Elastic Tabstops for Visual Studio 2010 review

Elastic Tabstops extension for Visual Studio 2010 automatically aligns columns of text in your source files:

Column blocks

Column blocks

The original idea of elastic tabstops was invented by Nick Gravgaard (see his explanation). He proposes first to use tabs as separators of columns of text like in tab separated table files. And second use special text editors that automatically align columns taking into account maximum text width in each column.

The Visual Studio 2010 extension was developed by Ramunas Geciauskas. After the installation, first of all ensure that in Visual Studio – Tools – Options – Text Editor – C# (or your preferred language) – Tabs – Tab is set to Keep tabs. Now use tabs to separate different columns of text and your code will be automatically aligned:

<tab>this.button1.Location<tab>=<tab>new System.Drawing.Point(113, 85);<tab>// Location
<tab>this.button1.Name<tab>=<tab>"button1";<tab>// Name
<tab>this.button1.Size<tab>=<tab>new System.Drawing.Size(75, 23);<tab>// Size

Automatically aligned code

Automatically aligned code

Elastic Tabstops is a free extension for Visual Studio 2010. You can download it from Visual Studio Gallery.



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