C++ Rename refactoring for Visual Studio 2013

Visual C++ Refactoring extension by Microsoft Visual C++ team lets you rename symbols in C++ code, automatically changing the declaration and all references:

C++ Rename dialog

C++ Rename dialog

Preview Changes dialog

Preview Changes dialog

Output results

Output results

You select a symbol in code, invoke Refactor – Rename, enter a new name, preview and select changes, click Apply and get a log of changes in the Output window (though line and column numbers are not very accurate at the moment).

Internally refactoring uses the Find All References feature, i.e. it provides the same accuracy and is influenced by the same References – Disable Resolving option. It works for native C++, C++/CLR and C++/CX. Only the current configuration is analyzed and updated.

Visual C++ team plan to add more refactorings in the future (catching up to Visual Assist X). The current version of the extension only for Visual Studio 2013 is available on Visual Studio Gallery.


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