Continuous code formatting for Visual Studio

The new Continuous Formatting extension automates C# and C++ code formatting in Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010. It removes the necessity to format code (and reformat, and reformat again) manually, arranging code continuously as you type and make changes. More importantly, it allows you not to think about code layout and concentrate on more important software development activities.

At the moment Continuous Formatting uses the built-in Visual Studio code formatting engine that is controlled by standard text editor formatting options. I plan to add support for external code beautifiers as well.

Download the installer.

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2 Responses to Continuous code formatting for Visual Studio

  1. Anonymous says:

    Funny, we’ve had this in VB.NET for a decade. 🙂

  2. Juan Chavez says:

    Very expensive for a tool with very reduced functionality

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