Freeing screen space in Visual Studio 2019

In Visual Studio 2019, even if you hide all toolbars, Live Share and Feedback buttons while rarely used take up valuable screen space:

You can hide this area with Visual Commander and Hide Live Share and Feedback in VS 2019 extension:

Detailed installation instructions:

  1. Install Visual Commander in Visual Studio 2019.
  2. Download Hide Live Share and Feedback in VS 2019.vcmd.
  3. In the main VS menu Extensions – VCmd – Import… – Select Hide Live Share and Feedback in VS 2019.vcmd
  4. Restart Visual Studio.

Plus, if you really don’t use any toolbars, you can additionally hide the toolbars area with Hide Live Share and Feedback in VS 2019 plus toolbars area.vcmd and free up 5 more vertical pixels under the main menu:

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7 Responses to Freeing screen space in Visual Studio 2019

  1. Christian Ohle says:

    Thank you for sharing, great job!
    Christian (programmer who likes working on small screens)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, what kind of arrogance is required to make it so difficult to reclaim your precious vertical space?

    • Jeff Relf says:

      I agree, it truly boggles my mind.
      I can’t imagine what motivates them to stoop so low.
      Honestly, I want to know the answer.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great extension, but it seems to work only partially in VS 2022: When debugging, the Feedback button is hidden but when nothing is being debugged, the button is still shown in the menu bar next to the profile image. Whether it works for the Live Share button I cannot elaborate because I uninstalled this extension. Will this “issue” be addressed in the future?

  4. Jeff Relf says:

    Thank you, Sergey Vlasov, God bless.

  5. Truko Parker says:

    Worked like a sharm, only missed to show how to revert action… I accidentally downloaded “plus toolbars area” but wanted only Feedback and Live Share button.

    So, if you need to disable or have previous config, just go to Extensions > VCmd > Extensions > Disable or delete desired script.

    Now I have only one line in toolbar all I need, thank you!

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