Continuous Formatting v2.1.0 adds support for VS 2019

Continuous Formatting extension automates C# and C++ code formatting in Visual Studio. It removes the necessity to format code manually, arranging code continuously as you type and make changes.

v2.1.0 adds support for Visual Studio 2019.

Download the installer.

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2 Responses to Continuous Formatting v2.1.0 adds support for VS 2019

  1. Jeff Relf says:

    The more whitespace I see, the less I can take it seriously;
    e.g. Marvel comic books are less serious than the much denser Wall Street Journal.

    Also I add extra whitespace+comments to problem areas of my code;
    so alarm bells go off when I see it.

    Truly, white space is more important than text.
    People who don’t deploy whitespace properly shouldn’t be taken seriously;
    it should _ not _ be left to random robots to decide.

  2. John G says:

    Jeff, that is so true. I was trying to search for something that woudl allow me to mark a block as “preserve”.

    For example, long blocks of initializations.

    Code can be an art form, but not if the machine shoves it all together; yet I’m fine with it formatting ‘most’ of my code. Indent my if blocks, for example.

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