Practical Debugging for .NET Developers book review

Nobody wants to waste unnecessary time on debugging and the recently published “Practical Debugging for .NET Developers: Tools and Techniques to debug and solve real-world problems in .NET” book by Michael Shpilt will arm you with tools, techniques and ideas to efficiently solve the most difficult problems:

You may have used Visual Studio debugger for many years, but even there are options you probably don’t know, for example helpful to debug optimized code or process dumps. Then there are less frequently used tools like dnSpy and dotPeek that you will learn more about. And then there are powerful, scary looking tools like WinDbg and PerfView that you will no longer be afraid to use at the right time.

Each bug is unique, but debugging is more science than art and the book provides a set of principles for successful problem solving, and by using these principles you’re going to fix bugs fast and with confidence.

You’ll see what causes crashes to happen, what information you can gather when they do, and how to debug that information to solve the problem. Learn about desktop hangs and web hangs. Will see how garbage collection works, what kind of memory problems can occur, how to deal with them, and how to prevent them in the first place. When to worry about performance, which are the best tools to analyze performance issues and the best way to find their root causes. Will see how to debug optimized code without symbols and source code – how to achieve a fully interactive debugging experience being able to stop on breakpoints, step over code, see variable values, and break on exceptions.

The target audience of this book is intermediate to experienced .NET developers and is all about perfecting your debugging skills, saving you time, and increasing your productivity. You can order it from the official site along with video lessons and code samples. Happy reading and problem solving!

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